Who are we?

CORA, or the Community Outreach and Restoration Association, is a volunteer group based in Minnesota with students from the US and Canada involved. In the past we have had events such as food drives, volunteering at local organizations, fundraisers, and more! We focus on initiating opportunities for students to volunteer and do good for their community. 

In total, we have over 200 students and growing! Please contact coranonprofit@gmail.com or reference our start-a-branch info below for more info on how you can start your own branch of CORA.

who runs Cora?

CORA is dedicated to being 100% student-run. All events, meetings, and resources are student organized. We have a board of directors and executive committees that help make the organization run smoothly as a whole. Our amazing branch directors/presidents help make sure each branch operates smoothly. Please feel free to email coranonprofit@gmail.com to access out bylaws or if you have any questions.

What are CORA's fees/dues?

None! Here at CORA, we don't believe people should have to pay to do good. CORA branches and members do not have any form of due or fee payed to CORA executive. All funding is obtained either through fundraising and our amazing company sponsorships, to be announced at the end of August this year!

How do I start a branch?

So, you want to make the world a better place! Please fill out the interest form. From there, CORA executive team will schedule an interview with you and help you get things started. The process typically involves recruiting founding members and setting up your first event. From there, CORA will continue to give any guidance or financial support required to help your branch succeed!

is cora a 501(c)(3) organization?

No, unfortunately. We aim to get our 501(c)(3) registration by the end of 2024, and while we are eligible for 501(c)(3), we are unable to receive official registration from the IRS due to the cost ($500+). CORA Executive is currently registered as a Nonprofit Corporation in the state of Minnesota.