CORA Duluth was established formally on June 5th, 2022, and operated in different regards as far back as 2021. 

Total historical members: 100+

Approximate active members: 40


Alexander Ren Branch Director

Oscar Thompson Associate Branch Director

Will Shanks Associate Branch Director

Cade Bober Assistant Branch Director

Join CORA duluth today!

We are recruiting for the 2023-2024 school year. Students in grades 6-12 are welcome to join! Email us at contact@coranonprofit.org or a_ren632@isd709.org (ISD709 emails only). Call branch director Alex Ren (HS students) at (218) 626-5716‬ or associate branch director Oscar Thompson (MS students) at (218) 221-5370.

Event Showcase: Bentlyville

CORA Duluth volunteered at the Bentleyville Tour of Lights, America's largest, free walk-through Christmas light display for 5 hours. Most students served popcorn to Bentleyville visitors. However, when other positions around the show were empty, CORA students went above and beyond, rising to the occasions to help the show go on! It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun doing it. 

In total, 13 volunteers led by Gaven Greshowak helped support local Duluth culture and made the 2023 Holiday season just a little "brighter" on the North Shore. 

Event showcase: Clean Up!

CORA students took to the trails of Duluth to help clean up! This consisted of three separate events. In part 1, led by August Qson, students helped clean up Chester Bowl and it's surrounding trails. In part 2, led by Nyssa Switzer, students walked along the lakewalk all the way from Lester Park to Leif Erikson Park, cleaning up all the trash along the way! Part 3, led by Will Shanks, helped clean a ravine off of Vermillion Road by the Park Hill Cemetery.

Some photos taken by Sharkey Studios, a local photography agency. Used with permission.

Event Showcase: Airshow

CORA volunteers helped run concessions with the 2023 Duluth Air Show. These students helped make this amazing show possible as well as earning a large donation to the Duluth Animal Allies!

In total CORA volunteers worked over 350 hours and made a large impact on our local community. 

Event showcase: Food Drive

In the Spring, CORA Duluth held a month-long food drive. Over 30 amazing students were involved in raising and sorting food and money to be donated to the Proctor food shelf and CHUM. In total, CORA students raised over 700 pounds of food and 1000 dollars for our local food shelves!

Photos taken by Sharkey Studios, a local photography agency. Used with permission.

event showcase: Lemonade Stand

A group of amazing CORA students went out in the dead of winter, to give out some ice-cold lemonade! CORA students bought lemonade, hot chocolate, cookies, and more. They then took to the Duluth lake walk to give it out for free. This was done as part of a fundraiser for the local Duluth Animal Allies. 

CORA Duluth is a separate organization from CORA. CORA is not liable for CORA Duluth in any way.