CORA volunteers and branches are eligible to receive # different awards. Awards are given out by CORA Executive, traditionally in the springtime.

Given out annually:

President's Volunteer Service Award

CORA Branch of the Year Award

CORA Volunteer of the Year Award

Given out bi-annually or less often:

CORA Volunteer Hall of Fame 

CORA Branch Hall of Fame

President's volunteer service award

The PVSA is a prestigious award administered by registered Certifying Organizations, allowing them to recognize their best volunteers. 

Volunteer Eligibility

Eligible Service:

Eligible Service does not include:

CORA PVSA Eligbility

cora branch of the year

CORA branches are eligible to receive the Branch of the Year award from CORA Executive. The requirement: Be the CORA branch to make to most meaningful impact on it's community. Different